Home Improvement Strategies For A Small Cabin

by Jenny Banks

Designing storage areas, optimizing indoor and outdoor spaces, and adding some personal touches are ways to make your small cabin more functional. Home improvement projects are something you and your spouse can take on over the weekend. Leaving an open-ended finish date for each upgrade will prevent the upgrade process from becoming tedious and tiresome. 

Create Storage Areas

A cabin that is constructed of wood will benefit from the addition of wooden storage boxes and shelving. Locally-sourced wood can be hand-painted or stained. You will need to decide where each storage feature will be located first. You may want to construct a wooden bin that can be installed near the end of your bed or within a corner of the living area or kitchen. You can use decorative hardware and stencils, to make each storage unit functional and decorative.

A hammer, nails, a saw, and sandpaper are some materials you will need. Paint and varnish can be used to seal the wooden surfaces. All of these products can also be used to make homemade shelving. If your cabin has an elevated ceiling, adding shelving near the top of a wall will allow you to display dinnerware, gardening tools, and other essentials that you do not want cluttering the floor or counters within the cabin.

Optimize Space

Optimizing space may be a priority of yours if you currently do not have the room needed to live comfortably within the cabin. A bed that is set up on a platform will allow you to utilize the space underneath the bed. Small cabinets that are stacked on top of one another can be used to store personal possessions and clothing. Fencing can be used to create a garden outdoors on land that is currently overgrown and not being utilized.

The way to go about improving upon what you are already supplied with is by assessing every inch of your indoor and outdoor property. Disposing of items you do not need and investing in refurbished or versatile furnishings and storage spaces will allow you to maximize the amount of living space you have.

Add Personal Touches

If you would like your cabin to have character and represent your interests, you may want to purchase some wall hangings, natural artifacts, and other decor pieces that are of interest. You can also use natural materials on your land to create some homemade decorations. Before displaying the pieces, purchase picture hanging kits and hooks.

Visit a local home improvement store to learn more.