Adding An Above-Ground Pool To Your Property

by Jenny Banks

Above-ground pools are a popular option due to the lower cost of constructing them. When it comes to this type of swimming pool, ensuring that it is a quality frame can be essential for creating a pool that will be durable.

The Frame For The Pool Will Have To Be Immensely Strong

The weight of the water that is in the pool can be extreme, and this means that the frame that is used will have to be extremely strong to be able to support it. Due to this need for the frame to be extremely strong, it is common for them to be made of steel. Additionally, the frame will need to have enough beams and be properly designed to ensure the weight of the water is evenly distributed over it. If the weight is unevenly distributed, it can lead to one or more sections of the frame degrading more quickly due to the immense strain that this can place on it.

Steel Above Ground Pool Frames Can Be Heavily Customized

The dimensions of your pool can vary based on the size of the pool that you are wanting, the shape of the space available, and your personal sense of aesthetics. Steel pool frames can be heavily customized, which can allow you to get the exact shape that you are needing for your property. Designing a custom pool can be a more involved process than choosing a basic design, but it can be a step that will make sure that you are able to fully maximize the space available so that you can get a pool that will meet the needs of your family.

A Quality Foundation Will Be Needed For The Steel Pool Frame

Before the steel pool frame can be installed, a suitable foundation will need to be prepared for it. If there is not a level foundation, it could lead to the frame being unstable when it is supporting the weight of the water. At a minimum, the terrain should be level, and you may want to have concrete poured. This can serve as a strong anchor for the steel beams that will be used in this frame. The amount of preparation that will be needed to install the foundation for the frame will vary, and you may want to consult with a pool contractor so that you can appropriately budget and plan for this part of the pool construction process.

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