The Benefits Of Cordless Window Blinds

by Jenny Banks

Now that summer is well underway, you might be noticing the shabby state of your blinds as you block that bright sun from coming in and driving up your air conditioning bills. If your blinds are flimsy, bent, broken, or just plain old, you might want to consider a replacement. And if you're tired of the cord for the blinds not working right or you're getting frustrated chasing your kids away from it, you will want to replace your blinds with cordless window blinds. Here's why:

Easier to Work

Cords for blinds are just a nuisance. You have to pull them at just the right angle to get them up or down, and half the time it seems to jam on one side and leave your blinds lopsided. And if the cord is tangled or gets ripped off, you can just forget about it. With cordless window blinds, though, you don't have to worry about any of that anymore! Whether you simply have to grab them and pull them down manually or you push a button that makes them move, that's a lot easier than dealing with those pesky cords. 

Safer for Kids and Pets

No matter how often you tell your kids to stay away from the cords, they always manage to tangle them or tie up their younger sibling when you're not looking. Not only can kids break the cord or the blinds, which is extremely frustrating, but the cord can be a danger to them. If they play with it and accidentally get it wrapped around their neck, that can hurt them. Pets might also wind up tangled in them, which is especially concerning if the pets are home alone most of the day. Cordless blinds are simply a safer option for homes with kids and animals.

Look Modern 

If you're considering replacing your blinds, you've probably been in your home for a long time or your house was built many years before you bought it. Either way, the age is starting to show, and you'd love some updates to help your home have a more modern look again. If that's the case, you'll definitely want to replace those old blinds with cordless window blinds. Without the bent, flimsy blinds and the tangled, yellowing cord hanging around at weird angles, you'll have straighter, clean lines around your windows which looks much more modern. Plus, the blinds will be new and clean, giving your whole house a fresher look.

If you're done untangling cords and worrying about your kids and want some modern updates for your older house, look no further than cordless window blinds. Contact a window treatment company for more information on cordless window blinds.