Protecting Your Windows With Hurricane Shutters

by Jenny Banks

Strong winds can be extremely damaging to your home. In particular, the windows of the house will be among the most vulnerable parts of the structure to suffering significant damage from strong winds. However, installing hurricane shutters is an excellent way of reducing the risk of your property suffering serious harm during the next strong storms that move through your area.

Hurricane Shutters Benefit Any Home That May Experience Intense Winds

Due to their name, there is an assumption that these shutters are only needed for homes that are located along the beach or other areas that may regularly receive tropical storms. In reality, homes that are located almost anywhere may benefit from these shutters as a storm does not have to be tropical in order to produce damaging winds. If your home is equipped with these shutters, you will be able to close them on days when strong storms or high winds are in the forecast. That way, the house will be far less likely to suffer broken windows.

Metal Hurricane Shutters May Offer Superior Protection

Wood hurricane shutters are among the more popular option for homeowners to install as they can be affordable and fairly attractive. However, metal hurricane shutters are likely to offer superior protection over wooden solutions. Furthermore, metal storm shutters may provide automated options that will allow the property owner to close and secure them with a control panel. This option can be instrumental for allowing those with mobility issues to be able to effectively close their hurricane shutters before a storm arrives. If your home has windows on the upper floors that need to be protected, this option can save you from needing to go on a ladder to secure the shutters.

Hurricane Shutters Must Be Professionally Installed To Be Effective 

During a high wind event, the hurricane shutters could experience extreme forces. In addition to the strain that wind can put on these shutters, they may also have to withstand the impacts from debris that is being blown. Unfortunately, incorrectly installed hurricane shutters will be far less likely to be able to withstand these conditions. This could lead to them coming loose and potentially putting your home at risk. As an added complication, the shutters could even pose an additional threat to the home if they become airborne. In order to avoid these risks, a professional should handle the installation of the shutters so that you can have confidence that they will have the performance you would expect based on their safety rating.

For more information, contact a hurricane shutter service.