Repairing Your Window's Damaged Glass Panes

by Jenny Banks

Broken glass can be one of the most common problems that you will have to repair with your windows. While this is a routine repair, homeowners may assume that it will be more difficult than it really is.

Avoid Opening The Cracked Window

After you have noticed that your window's glass has chipped or cracked, you should avoid opening the window until it has been repaired. The crack or chip in the glass can represent a major weak point that may increase the risks of the glass suddenly shattering. This occurs due to the added stress that opening and closing the window will put on the glass. Additionally, this can cause the damage to worsen, which may prevent the glass from being patched with a resin. Instead, you may have to replace the entire pane of glass.

Repair Cracks To Improve Energy Efficiency

If one of your windows has developed a crack, it could be a source of significant energy inefficiency. That's because these cracks could create major drafts in the home. While it may not seem like repairing a small crack in the glass is an urgent repair, it can contribute to your HVAC system having to work harder to control the interior temperature of the home, and it may make the house a less comfortable place to be. In addition to impacting the temperature in the home, this damage may also make the humidity level more difficult to regulate, which can lead to a host of other complications. These factors may not always be appreciated by homeowners, but they can be a major benefit of investing the time into promptly repairing this kind of window damage.

Use A Professional To Replace The Glass

In the event that your window needs replacement glass panes, you may want to hire a professional service to complete this. The process of installing a window can be surprisingly difficult as the pane will have to be perfectly positioned in order to be stable and secure. Furthermore, it can be easy to accidentally spread caulk onto the glass or to make a mess around the pane of glass. This can significantly reduce the appearance of the replacement pane. Fortunately, a professional window replacement service will have the experience and tools to effectively complete this repair so that the new pane of glass will be indistinguishable from the original pane.

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