Need To Repair A Minor Drywall Issue? Visit Your Hardware Store For These Products

by Jenny Banks

Over time, the drywall in your home can develop all sorts of minor issues. If you have children who play in the basement, they might crack or otherwise damage the drywall while playing a sport or another vigorous activity, for example. Minor damage to your drywall may have you thinking about hiring a contractor to repair it, but doing so can be costly. Additionally, it can sometimes be difficult to get a contractor who will perform minor work for a client. Instead, you should think about doing the work yourself. A few online tutorials can increase your confidence about repairing drywall damage, and a visit to your local hardware store will give you the opportunity to buy these essential products.

Drywall Mud

In the case of minor drywall issues, a tub of mud can be the first step in transforming the look of the damage. For example, if there's a dent, chip, or small crack in the drywall, you will be able to fill it with mud. Drywall mud is sold in tubs of various sizes; if you have just a small amount of work to do, buy the smallest tub that your hardware store has available.

Drywall Knife

To apply the drywall mud smoothly and tidily, you'll use a drywall knife. This product, which is available at virtually every hardware store, has a flat blade. Upon applying a bit of the drywall mud to the problem area, you can make several passes over it with the knife. This will remove excess drywall, as well as give the mud that you've applied a flat surface so that it dries evenly.

Drywall Sandpaper

Once the drywall mud dries, you'll want to sand off any excess bits. To do this, you'll need to buy a sheet of drywall sandpaper from your hardware store. While some people will use standard sandpaper for this job, sandpaper that is specifically designed for drywall work will leave you with a smooth finished product.

Painting Products

The final step in any minor drywall repair job is to paint over the drywall mud to restore the wall to its original appearance. You'll need a can of paint that matches the surrounding paint on the wall, as well as a roller. There are several styles of rollers to consider; some people favor foam rollers because of the tidy job that they do. Don't hesitate to speak to a paint expert at the hardware to discuss your project and get their recommendation about what roller style will work best.

Contact a hardware store for more information.