3 Unique Ways To Use Natural Stone In Your Home

by Jenny Banks

When it comes to resurfacing your fireplace or updating the flooring in your home, natural stone can be an obvious choice. The beauty and durability of natural stone has allowed this material to become popular among homeowners; but, it's important to recognize that stone can also be versatile for smaller projects. Here are three unique ways that your can use natural stone in your home and landscaping.

1. Add personality to your kitchen island.

Using natural stone can be a simple way to add some personality to your kitchen island. Use the stone tiles to cover the sides of your kitchen island. Not only will you give your island the ability to serve as another decorative element within your kitchen, but the stone tiles will help to protect your island from damage in the future.

2. Create a piece of art for your wall.

The natural colors and textures of stone tiles can be artistic in nature. If you are looking for a unique piece of art to incorporate into your home, using stone tiles to create a mosaic can be a simple solution.

All you need to do to acquire materials for this project is gather tiles in colors that complement your home's decor (builder's samples or scrap tiles can be perfect for this project). Have a contractor or other professional--like Old World Stone--cut the tiles into rectangles and squares or varying sizes. Piece these shapes together inside of a frame using tile glue and grout to seal them together, and you will have created a unique piece of art that you can hang on the wall of your home.

3. Make an outdoor fire pit.

The same natural stones that look so elegant on your home's fireplace can be used to create a decorative fire pit in your backyard. Using the stones that are leftover from your fireplace refinish, create a small circle in the area where you want your fire pit to be located. 

You can figure out the radius of your fire pit by using a wooden stake for the center and then measuring from the center point to the outer edge. To figure out the sq. footage of the pit you will need to multiply 3.14 x radius x radius. Be sure to measure your natural stone pieces and divide that into your sq. ft. to find out how many stones you will need to get from a home-and-garden professional. Continue stacking the stones on top of one another in a circular pattern, alternating the stones like a bricklayer would to create stability. Be sure to use industrial glue to secure the pieces together.