A Guide To Caring For And Maintaining Your Heater

by Jenny Banks

Your HVAC system takes up a great deal of the energy that your home uses, as experts suggest that it accounts for 48 percent of your home energy. There are a few steps for maintaining your heater that will help you be a good steward of this energy, keep your home warm and guarantee longevity for the HVAC system as a whole. These four tips below will help you to that end. 

Take Care Of Your Belts And Other Moving Parts

With the way that your heater works, there are a series of moving parts that you should ensure are always working fluidly. The fan belt is one of the most critical parts of your heater, since it helps the motor transfer the power into energy. Inspect the fan belt to be sure that it is not dry, cracked or otherwise falling apart. The belt should always have a good amount of tension, too, so replace or have the belt tightened if you notice any looseness. Further, make sure that the furnace passes a visual test with no soot or grime building up, as this can create problems. 

Change Out Your Air Filters

If you want your heater to constantly blow warm air with no problem, you'll need to be sure that the air filters are not creating any blockages. When these filters become clogged with dirt, it obstructs the flow of air and makes your heater have to work harder overall. If your heater has to overwork, it'll become a financial liability as well, since the energy bills will spike. Keep these filters changes at least twice per year for best results. 

Adjust The Thermostat

The thermostat will play a huge role in how the heater operates, so you'll get more longevity when you get the thermostat checked. The easiest way to be mindful of your thermostat is to have a programmable model installed. This will help you regulate your energy and will keep your HVAC system intact for the long haul. 

Get Some Routine Maintenance From Professionals

If you want to be sure that your heater is always cared for, hire a licensed HVAC contractor. These professionals will give you routine visits as needed, which makes sure the heater avoids breakdowns. Check with your HVAC contractor to get a maintenance plan that will work for you. 

Follow these tips to get the most of your heating service. Contact a company like A Bailey Plumbing for more info.