5 Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Kitchen

by Jenny Banks

Spotting a cockroach in your home can be quite the disgusting sight, and it will most likely motivate you to hire an exterminator. Even after the pests have been eliminated, you still need to do your part in keeping the kitchen clean. Try following these 5 tips to stop cockroaches from coming back.

Take Your Trash Out Every Day

A simple way to keep the cockroaches and various pests away from your home's kitchen is to keep the trash away from your kitchen. Even tiny food particles and scraps will appear to be a feast to the typical cockroach. Thankfully, removing your trash on a daily basis will only take a couple minutes, and will give cockroaches one less reason to seek out your kitchen. You should even consider cleaning the container that you use for trash since it can have spills in it that attract pests.

Clean Out Your Sink Trap

Everyone is guilty of leaving dirty dishes in the sink, but this act can very easily attract cockroaches. Make sure to rinse off dishes if you do keep them in the sink, and then empty out the sink trap that is holding all of those food particles. The sink may be empty, but if there is still food waste in it, pests will find it.

Sanitize Your Drain

It is hard to avoid food particles going down your kitchen sink's drain, but once the food is in there, it can be difficult to get out. Pests are not afraid of crawling into a drain if they smell food. Make it a habit to regularly sanitize your kitchen sink's drain. You can use a simple cleaning solution with vinegar and baking soda to remove stubborn particles of food that are difficult to remove.

Spray Down Your Countertops

It's not enough to just wipe down your counters with a wet cloth. You will want to use an actual cleaning solution to remove traces of food that are left over. You can use an antibacterial cleaning product at the end of the day so that pests can't feast on forgotten food particles during the night.

Clean Your Kitchen's Floors

It's easy to forget about those pieces of food that accidentally fall down on your floor. Sweeping your kitchen floors every day will help find those crumbs that have fallen before the cockroaches do.

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