4 Kitchen Appliances You Must Have In Your Kitchen To Make Cooking Easier

by Jenny Banks

If spending time in your kitchen preparing a meal sounds more like a punishment than a fun experience, there are appliances you can buy to help make preparing meals easier. Here are 4 appliances you should have in your kitchen if cooking just isn't your thing or you want to make the process of handling garlic, grating cheese, and other cooking tasks simpler.

Garlic press

Peeling fresh cloves of garlic can leave your hands smelly, and it's difficult to successfully peel off all those layers of papery skin to get the garlic within. You then have to chop and press the garlic to make it suitable for cooking. A garlic press does the work for you, peeling your cloves with precision then pressing each clove into the right-sized pieces to place into your meals.

Hand-crank cheese grater

If grating cheese makes your hands hurt just to think of it, place this old-fashioned yet highly useful appliance in your kitchen instead of using a hand-held grater. This appliance allows you to place a bowl under a hand crank and has its blades exposed so you can place whole blocks of cheese in it. All you have to do is turn the handle and your cheese starts grating with ease. There are also lighter hand-held varieties available, similar to the ones you see in restaurants that servers use to grate cheese into your meals.

Splash screen

While not technically an appliance per se, this is a kitchen tool you don't want to live without. A splash screen is a metal screen you place over your pans of cooking sauces, gravies, and other types of liquid foods to keep them from splashing out of your pan and onto your stove. These screens are effective in making cleanup easier and protecting you from getting splashed by boiling sauce.

Egg peeler

Preparing deviled eggs or making potato salad is a lot more enjoyable when you don't have to peel so many eggs by hand. An egg peeler is a simple device that you pop your eggs into, push down on, and see the egg pop out without its shell in one quick motion. This appliance is small and simple, but makes dealing with boiled eggs much easier.

If you don't enjoy being in the kitchen because so many tasks require a lot of work, these appliances can help you out. From peeling garlic to taking the shells off eggs, your kitchen can become more efficient if you have these appliances in your cooking arsenal. For more information, talk to a professional like Arnold's Appliance.