5 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Staircase This Holiday Season

by Jenny Banks

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to break out the winter decor and create a unique and personalized look for your home. One of the most eye-catching and dramatic ways you can create a holiday feel is to decorate your staircase railings. Whether you have a simple modular staircase or have built your staircase with stair railing kits, you can create a beautiful holiday look for your stairs with these simple yet breathtaking ideas. 

1. Wrap Your Staircase Poles With Red & White Ribbon

Make your staircase look like it belongs in the North Pole by wrapping red and white ribbon around each pole. Each pole will look like a candy cane, and you can showcase them on their own, or add an evergreen swag to bring the look full circle.

2. Hang Wreaths From Your Staircase

If a swag feels too overdone or cliche to you, get the same look in a different way by hanging a few small wreaths from your staircase railings. Space them equally apart and hang the wreaths from colorful ribbons or large bows. Decorate the wreaths with ornaments that match your holiday decor for a cheerful yet elegant look.

3. Put Up Your Holiday Cards

Do you get a lot of holiday cards every season and need somewhere to hang them where they can be easily seen or read? Hang ribbons from each pole on your staircase and hot glue small paperclips to the ribbon with enough space in between each clip to put a card. As you get more cards throughout the season, you can attach them to the clips for an easy and inexpensive way to bring color and holiday cheer to your home.

4. Drape With Swaths of Holiday Colored Chiffon

If you're looking for a more elegant look for your staircase, skip the cutesy garlands and instead, opt for a sophisticated drape made with holiday-colored chiffon. A few yards of chiffon can be transformed into a stunning garland by simply attaching it to your staircase railings with coordinating ribbon every 15-20 inches.

5. Hang Ornaments In Between Your Staircase Poles

You can create a gorgeous holiday look by hanging your favorite glass orbs or holiday ornaments in between the staircase poles. Simply attach them to your banister with fishing line and cut to your desired length to give the illusion that the ornaments are floating in midair. Combine this suggestion with the red and white ribbons wrapped around the poles for a truly unique look.

Decorating your modular staircase for the holidays can be fun and easy when you use your imagination and creativity to get a look that expresses your personality and brings the holidays home.

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