Important Tips To Help You Choose The Right Patio Cover

by Jenny Banks

If you are concerned about the effects and impact of too much sun exposure, but still want to enjoy your patio, it is time to choose a patio cover that will allow you to be on your patio safely. Approximately 3.5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the United States, while countless others develop disfiguring skin abnormalities or premature aging due to excess sun exposure. Fortunately, there are now attractive patio covers that also provide sun protection.

Consider The Shade Sail

Once you have decided that you want a cover, a shade sail may be the first option. It is important to note that shade sails allow you to personalize them to your own needs or preferences. You will always need at least three anchor points to support bendable membranes and those membranes will ultimately connect to the shade sails that you choose.

You can choose any size, style or color that you like for the actual sails. As part of that, one side of the shade sail could be longer or thicker, if anyone at the table has a more pronounced need or preference for shade or access. You can also change them out as desired or leave them up permanently. It is easy to see that the shade sail is ideal for anyone who prefers to be unique and likes the option of creativity in their decor choices.

Evaluate the Patio Awning

The patio awning is often seen as something of a more permanent addition to a patio. It is bulkier than a shade sail and allows you to retract it or keep it up for as long as you want, weather permitting. You can decide where the awning should be placed, whether it is from the roof or on windows, but that connection is typically permanent.

At the same time that you are choosing where to place the awning, you can also determine how you would like to access the movement of your new awnings. That includes the option of cranking it by hand or you can elect to install a motorized unit that would do the hard work for you.

In conclusion, patio covers are an essential addition to any porch, patio or deck. By choosing one that provides adequate sun protection, you can make it easier to enjoy a beautiful day today, without worrying of the consequences of doing so later. Given that there are so many choices available today, it will not be difficult to find a patio cover that you enjoy seeing and using for many years.