4 Tips For Updating The Look Of Your Kitchen Without Spending A Fortune

by Jenny Banks

Want to give your kitchen a facelift without spending a ton of money? Changing the décor in the room can completely transform the space without you having to make any major changes to the room. The following guide walks you through a few of the many kitchen décor options to consider that are reasonably priced and will make a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

Make the Most of Your Cabinet Tops

The space on top of the cabinets can be a great place to display jars filled with beans, rice, and even infused oils. These items can serve as great decorative pieces and allow you to clear out some of the space in your cabinets. Be sure that you use jars that have airtight lids to ensure that the items stored in the jars do not spoil from air getting into the jars. You could tie a ribbon around the jars to give them more detail if you wanted to.

Make Everything Match

There are many cute kitchen décor items that are available for purchase that have a theme to them. You can buy floor mats, storage containers to display on your counters, and even hand towels that all match to give your kitchen a very polished look. Be sure that you choose a theme that matches with the color scheme you have in your kitchen so that you do not have to spend money on paint to change the colors to match the new theme you chose.

Give Everything a Finished Look

If you are someone who likes to display photos and artwork on your fridge, you can give the pieces a more finished look by framing them. Buy inexpensive frames that are lightweight and attach peel-and-stick magnets to the back of them. You can then display the pictures and artwork in a stylish way.

Open Up the Space

Finally, if you want to really make your kitchen look different, remove some of the doors from your cabinets. The frames on cabinets are often the same color as the cabinet doors. Removing a few of the cabinets makes the kitchen look slightly bigger and gives it an open, welcoming feel. You can stick drawer liner to the back of the cabinets that have the doors removed to add even more detail to the room.

These simple tips are easy to do and cost very little money to ensure that you do not break your bank to achieve the look that you want. You need to be creative and willing to see the space for what it can be rather than what it is, if you want to create a kitchen that is warm, inviting, and unique.