3 Tips For Birthday Gifts While On A Budget

by Jenny Banks

If you have a family member or friend who has a birthday coming up, chances are you want to make sure that you have a gift idea in mind. It can be fun and exciting to pick out the perfect gift, but it may be more of a challenge if you're on a tight budget. The good news is that just because you have limited funds doesn't mean that you're unable to choose a great gift for your loved one. Take a look at the following information for some helpful tips on choosing a budget-friendly birthday gift. 

Make Your Own Gift Vouchers

If you're on a tight budget and like the idea of gift vouchers or gift cards, you can make your own. It can be fun to see your friend's reaction as he or she opens and reads the vouchers. Print out little pieces of paper and decorate each voucher to make them look great! You may consider offering a voucher for a fun movie night, a back massage, or an evening at a local bar. You can choose to take your friend during a happy hour or other event in order to save some cash. 

Buy Cheap Novelty Gifts

There are many affordable and funny novelty gifts out there. While these are a cheap option, they're also a great way to offer a unique gift to your friend. Many people will purchase the same old gifts, such as a gift basket or gift card. Instead, your gift will stand out from the crowd and will be memorable. It can also make for a great conversation starter at a birthday gathering! 

Make Your Friend Dinner

If you like to cook and your friend enjoys food, consider making a birthday lunch or dinner! This can often times be a lot more affordable than taking your friend out to eat at a restaurant. You won't have to feel pressured to buy the most expensive meal and you won't have to tip! If you're looking for budget-friendly dinner ideas, consider a yummy salad with chicken or a unique pasta dish, as pasta can be very affordable. Your friend will appreciate the extra thought and the meal! 

As you can see, gifting doesn't have to be stressful, even if you have limited funds. There are many fun ideas out there! Consider the above tips so that you can properly honor your friend's birthday with as little stress as possible.