Need A New Chair For The Office? Look For These Features When Buying One

by Jenny Banks

Anyone who works in an office setting knows how important it is to have a quality office chair. After all, you are sitting in that chair for hours on end multiple days out of the week. Why would you want something that is uncomfortable and inconvenient? To help you choose the perfect office chair for your environment, consider some of the following factors and features.

Your chair should have ample space for your thighs and hips.

When your chair has ample cushioning and space, it allows the blood in your hips, buttocks and thighs to move freely through your veins. If they were to become pinched, it would cause your lower extremities to become numb and lose circulation. Cushioning prevents sore muscles as well.

The back should be contoured and firm.

When the back of the chair is contoured, it helps to provide your back with the support it needs. Since workers tend to sit for an extended period of time, it causes a lot of individuals to struggle with pain in their backs. Over the course of time, the muscles will grow weaker and weaker. A contoured chair will give your back and spine the support it needs to prevent injuries and soreness from occurring.

Backrests should be adjustable.

The office chair should have a back that can be adjusted based on your specific height comfort level. Chairs with adjustable backrests allow you to sit back and rest your neck against the back of the chair when needed. If you don't have ample support for your back and your neck, it can cause your muscles to become sore and migraines to ensue.

Look for adjustable armrests.

Many office chairs today don't have armrests that can easily be adjusted, if any at all. You want a chair with contoured and cushioned armrests. Carpal tunnel tends to occur quite often when your arms undergo repeated stress and the muscles are constantly contracting. Once the nerve becomes pinched and narrowed, it causes you to suffer from a constant pinching of the nerve and excruciating pain. By getting an office chair that provides your arms with proper support, you can prevent this condition from striking.

By paying attention to the features above, you can find office furniture that is going to be comfortable and provide your workers with the comfort they need to make it through the work day without the pain and discomfort that comes from improper seating positions at work.