Vamping Up Your Old Couch: 3 Things You Can Do

by Jenny Banks

When your couch looks more sad and uninviting than it does a pretty furnishing in your home, you may be thinking of replacement. Furniture repair is often a much cheaper and easier way to give your couch the makeover it needs rather than picking out a new style. Learn 3 ways you can vamp up your old couch so it looks trendy and new again.

Consider reupholstery 

If your couch is full of stains or faded upholstery, you can reupholster the whole furniture piece with new and engaging fabrics. Consider chevron or wide stripes for the main part of the couch and multicolored cushions to create a completely unique look you can love. You want to choose thick material that will stretch and hold its own over the couch's frame, such as the following:

  • cotton twill
  • leather
  • microfiber

Your local fabric store can help you choose the best materials for covering your couch, as well as complementary fabrics to give your couch the pop of color it needs.

Refinish the legs

Your couch may have decorative wooden legs that are scratched, weathered, or lacking sheen. Refinish them by sanding the legs down to even out scratches and dents, and follow by polishing the wood with a deep red or dark brown stain. The stain helps prevent future nicks and blemishes along with adding an impressive allure to your older couch. You can choose other stains as well, including cream, blue, and even black to make your couch look unique in design.

Repair sagging

Over time, a couch can begin to sag. This happens for many reasons, including frequency of use or being bounced on by children and pets. An upholsterer can repair loose or broken springs to give your couch better support. They can also replace bent boards that prevent your couch from having a straighter appearance. If you are unsure what is causing your couch to sag, turn the furnishing upside down and check the springs and boards. Bent or cracked boards and stretched springs cause your couch to sag.

Replacing your couch is not always the best option when your furniture is lacking in appeal and comfort. All you need to do is give your furniture a bit of TLC to give it better support and make it look newer. From reupholstering your couch and cushions to supporting the areas where it sags, you can make your couch look beautiful and inviting again. For more advice on furniture repair, contact a local professional.