To Tips For Getting The Most From Your Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

by Jenny Banks

Keeping your business's floor clean is an essential part of having a safe and welcoming environment for your clients or customers. Yet, businesses can experience a tremendous amount of foot traffic, and this can make it harder to keep the floors clean. While a commercial vacuum can substantially reduce the difficulty of this task, there are a couple of tips that business owners should follow when choosing a model for their office or store. 

Opt For A Bagless Vacuum

There are few things that are more frustrating than discovering, while you cleaning the store at the end of day, that you are out of bags for your vacuum. While it may still be possible to use the device with a full bag, this can cause the vacuum to overheat and can permanently ruin it. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be avoided by simply purchasing a bagless vacuum. 

Rather than having a bag that must be changed, these vacuums have a container that traps the dust and dirt gathered by the device. When it gets full, you only need to remove it from the vacuum, empty it in a trashcan and put it back into the unit. While this type of vacuum may be marginally more expensive than traditional units, the savings from not having to buy bags can cause it to be a more affordable option when you consider the lifetime cost of owning it. 

Keep The Vacuum Well Maintained

Sadly, some people do not realize that vacuums need regular maintenance to keep them from developing mechanical malfunctions. In particular, it is vital to regularly clean the exterior and interior of the device. Dust will accumulate around the various vents on the vacuum, and this can severely restrict the amount of airflow into the device. Over time, this will cause excessive wear and tear on the vacuum's motor which will cause it to eventually fail. 

To avoid these issues, you should clean the vacuum whenever you notice dirt starting to accumulate on it. Use a damp cloth or compressed air to remove these substances. While this may seem somewhat inconvenient, it is a highly effective way of extending the life of your vacuum cleaner. 

A commercial vacuum can be an excellent investment in your business, and you might be able to find the perfect version for your company at a vacuum store like Sweeper World. Unfortunately, some business owners fail to consider a couple of important facts when buying or maintaining a commercial grade vacuum. However, following these two tips can help you avoid some routine problems encountered by business leaders making this purchase.