IP Addresses And DDNS In Your Surveillance System

by Jenny Banks

If you use a surveillance system, you have the ability to view your cameras over the Internet. This allows you to see what is going on at your home while you are away. To do this, you need a high-speed Internet connection at both your home where the surveillance system is installed, as well as the location you are at when you want to view the camera remotely.

DDNS Service and Dynamic and Static IP Addresses

If you have DSL or a cable Internet connection, your Internet service provider (ISP) may assign your Internet connection to a dynamic or static IP Address.  There are differences between these two types of IP addresses:

  • Static IP address: your ISP assigns the same IP address to your DSL or cable modem every time the modem connects to the ISP service.
  • A dynamic IP address is used if your ISP uses a different IP address each time your modem connects to the Internet.

Installing a Home Surveillance System

When you install a home or business surveillance system that includes a network enabled DVR, you should know if you have a dynamic or static IP address if you are going to use the Internet capability of your DVR. Using this capability is what allows you to view your cameras from another location.

When you connect to your system remotely, it looks for your IP address. If it is static, it will not be a problem because it has the same address every time. If your IP address is dynamic, however, the system sees that it is not the same and will ask you to enter it. This can be difficult, because you will not know when your IP address has been changed by your ISP.

You can keep track of changes to your dynamic IP address by subscribing to a DDNS (dynamic DNS service). They check your computer to find the current IP address, and then they will tell you what it is.

Being able to remotely see your home from work or another location is useful. It not only acts as a burglar alarm and lets you know everything is safe and secure, but you can see what your children or even your dog is doing. The company you purchase your system from will be able to help you choose the right system, as well as set everything up for you. You should also contact your ISP before you install the system to check which type of IP address they use.