How To Protect Your Home During Fiberglass Insulation Removal

by Jenny Banks

Whether your fiberglass insulation has water damage or is infested with pests, if you're having a contractor remove it for you, good for you! Fiberglass is a dangerous material that should only be handled by a professional. Not attempting to perform this task on your own is great way to stay safe. While the contractor will be doing all the hard work, this doesn't mean you that you won't have any responsibility. Here are a few things you need to do before and after you have your fiberglass insulation removed.

Cover All Surfaces

Covering all the surfaces that the fiberglass insulation may come in contact with is very important to your safety. Before the contractors arrive, determine which path you will have them use for transporting the material in and out of your home. Go along this path and cover any surfaces that can't be easily wiped down and cleaned, such as upholstered furniture.

Old sheets work best because you can drape them over the surfaces and then discard them afterward. If you don't have old sheets, you can visit your local hardware store and purchase plastic sheeting. Whatever you use, make sure you have the entire surface covered.

Leave Your Home

It's best to leave your home when you are having the fiberglass insulation removed. Even though you won't be handling the fiberglass on your own, the fact that these particles are in the air is enough to cause a problem. This material doesn't just irritate your eyes, but it can also get on your skin. This can irritate your skin and cause it to itch. More importantly, fiberglass can also make its way into your lungs. Make it a point to ensure that your family and any pets aren't home during the removal. Since you will be leaving the contractors alone, make sure you are working with a company that is both licensed and bonded, to ensure your home is in good hands.

Clean, Clean And Clean

Once the contractors have completed their work, it's important that you clean up afterward. This is an important step even if the contractors were diligent about cleaning up their own mess. First, make sure that you are wearing a mask, long sleeves and gloves. In the event that you do come in contact with any of the particles, you will be protected.

Remove the covering that you had over your surfaces and immediately dispose of it. Lastly, you want to vacuum the area. However, you will need to have a HEPA vacuum. A regular vacuum won't work as it may end up blowing many of the fragments around instead of removing them. You may be able to rent this type of vacuum from your local home improvement store. If not, a stiff broom and dust pan works as well.

Taking the time to protect your home is an important part of keeping you and your family safe from the dangers of fiberglass.